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Stress Management Consultancy

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Stress can be useful and can be good for you, a romantic encounter or the anticipation of winning or receiving an award.

You may learn how to or not, show affection, from your parents. You can also learn in some situations, to produce a certain pattern of behaviour. For example other members of your family may have exhibited signs of stress, which can be a learned response in you. In adult life, this can create anxiety about any and everything, resulting in stress, “What if this happens, what if that happens”. We tend to anticipate some sort of threat to our well-being.  Stress affects both males and females, young or old, rich and poor, no matter what your job. You are not the only one suffering from stress.

When you have a deeper understanding and it’s negative effect on you, and by learning new techniques, you will receive the benefits of controlling your stress. This will give you the ability to think and feel differently, and enable stress to work for you, not against you.