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Stress creates physical and emotional influences as we adjust to a changing environment. This causes either positive or negative feelings.

As a negative influence it can create feelings of anger, anxiety, frustration, rejection and distrust, which can lead to health problems. Some of these problems may be headaches, hypertension, stomach ulcers, heart disease and depression, all of which increase the incidence of time off work. In England there are 240,000 people taking time off each day due to stress related illness. This causes lost production in being absent, or giving poor performance during the working hours.

Every person is an individual, and there is no single level of stress that is optimal for everyone. It has been recognised that most illnesses are linked to unrelieved stress. Over two thirds of visits to a physician in the USA are stress related.

If you are experiencing stress symptoms, you have gone beyond your optimum stress level. By managing stress and having a greater self awareness you can and will improve the quality of your life.