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Stress Management Consultancy

36880 Woodward Ave, Suite 107 , Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Tel: 248.433.3075     Fax: 248.432.3078

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Stress Management Consultancy provides companies an opportunity to work with stress management within their environment. To enable each person taking part in the program to identify stress symptoms and their causes, then to develop strategies most suitable for controlling and dealing with stress.

For companies this program produces more efficiency from  employees, and saves large amounts of money due to sickness, also establishes a feeling of care about them.

•  Reducing stress, learning to relax, causing more efficient productivity.

•  Significantly reducing sickness time, both physical and / or mental.

•  Accept stress as a part of life, and learn new coping skills and strategies.

•  Produces a better understanding and stronger interpersonal related skills with co-workers.

•  Provides a more relaxed environment.

•  Reduced probability of litigation, nobody said you didn’t care.